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10014653_10203562400126361_876575341_nAs a graphic designer, I love to create cool designs that people would like to wear. Especially something they are passionate about.

A few years ago, my husband bought me a KTM 65SX that a friend sold for cheap. He had been trying to get me to go dirt bike riding for years, which didn’t seem such a bad idea since I had been riding a street bike since I was 19 years old.
I started riding the KTM in Ocotillo Wells and even though people were laughing at a woman riding a kids bike, it was perfect for my height. The ability to reach the ground with both feet gave me the confidence to ride up steeper hills and I started to love the sport. Seven years later, I still love riding my dirt bike although I have since upgraded to a CRF 250X.

Last year, we decided to join a motorcycle club since my husband has been racing the D37 Desert Series. As our club was mainly composed of retired police and firemen, the merchandise for the club women were pretty much non-existent, so I decided it was time to create some cool items that women would want to wear.

As I had been selling a few motorcycle designs on Zazzle already, the idea for printing my own designs became a new venture. We are always looking for new key phrases and ideas for shirts, so if you have a cool idea, let us know. 😉